team paws.

on october 9, 2016 i finished my first full marathon by running with my favorite local charity, TEAM PAWS. with the help of some of my favorite businesses, generous friends and family, and lots of fundraising, we raised over $1200!

i’m back as a TEAM PAWS member for the 2017 season. no marathon for me this year, but i am raising money while training for my first olympic distance triathlon!

I would appreciate any and all support (monetary or just kind words; whatever is feasible for you!) If you are able to donate, here are some examples of how the funds you donate will be used to save lives at PAWS Chicago:

  • $15 covers the cost of a micro-chip to help reunite lost pets with their families
  • $25 funds daily laundering of all toys, towels and pet beds
  • $32 stocks our Kitty City Cat Wing with litter for one day
  • $35 gives the gift of cleaning supplies for one day
  • $65 covers the cost of X-rays for an injured dog or cat
  • $75 provides intravenous fluids for one sick dog or cat for one week
  • $86 sponsors a spay/neuter surgery to help prevent over pet population
  • $150 fuels our transport vehicles so we can rescue more animals from the city pound and neighboring shelters
  • $175 funds medication and care for an upper respiratory for one kitten or puppy
  • $250 cares for one healthy puppy or kitten from arrival through adoption
  • $400 funds the treatment of Ring worm
  • $600 stocks our center with medication
  • $800 funds the treatment of Heartworm
  • $1,200 funds critical care to an animal with life-threatening injuries

if you’d like to donate to my page, please follow this link! 🙂