meet fifi!

hi everyone! first things first, i went self-hosted! i’d been playing with the idea for awhile, and i finally took the plunge. i think i re-directed everything, but let me know if you have issues πŸ™‚

but, more importantly, i have a bike! i ordered store delivery via the performance website and thought it would take a week or so to get there, but within two days i got a call that the bike was ready for pick up!

Screen Shot 2016-01-31 at 1.26.15 PM

so excited!

so how did i get to the point of picking up the bike? as i mentioned, i thought i could just pick out a cute bike online and go to the store to find out my size. turns out what i thought was a road bike was actually a hybrid bike! the guy at performance let me sit on a few of the hybrids to get a feel for the fit (since i’m only used to cruisers) and then encouraged me, since i want to use this bike for fitness rather than commuting, to sit on an actual road bike. turns out that even though the handles intimidate me, the bike wasn’t all that scary.

i had no idea there was a difference, but it's obvious looking at them!

i had no idea hybrids were even a thing!

the employee then suggested i go home to do a bit more research on road bikes to find something 1) in my price range 2) that has removable parts in case i want to upgrade down the road and 3) something that fits right. i researched so much on performance, as well as two different bike forums, and found a bike that fit all of those three pointers above. plus, it looked cute!

before i went ahead and ordered, i joined the performance buyer’s club to get points back to use on future purchases. the bike shipped free and was put together at the store for no extra charge. once i showed up at the store to pick it up, they had me sit on the bike and pedal a bit so they could adjust it to fit me. they also reminded me that if i didn’t like it or something felt off, i could come back for free adjustments at any point. all of this is to say i obviously recommend going to performance if you are looking for your own bike.


fifi + b = <3

i am someone who names everything. in fact, my car, sheldon, was known by people in high school by his name; once my physics teacher even used him as an example in a question about velocity haha. so it was no question to me that this little beauty get a name. the bike model is a fuji finest, and as soon as a saw her in person, i thought fifi worked perfectly. i’m excited for all of the bonding fifi and i will be doing on the trainer and trails this year!

what type of bike do you have? do you name inanimate objects?


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  1. Kristen says:

    Awww I love that you named your new bike! And I LOVE your new blog! I’ve been thinking about self hosting for a while now and your blog is making me want to do it right now! Any tips or suggestions? Where did you get your theme and how hard was it to put it together? It’s super cute!

    • brittney says:

      thank you! πŸ™‚ honestly, it was pretty easy, and i think it might be even easier for you since you are already on wordpress! i followed this step by step tutorial (buying everything from bluehost like they suggested)
      then, i picked a free theme, which allowed me to slightly customize colors, and then kind of played with the plugins and side features (which still might be easy for you since you have wp!) aaaand last but not least, i built my own header in picmonkey and uploaded it. i did it all within a night, played with it a bit more over a weekend, and it was ready to go! πŸ™‚

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