about b.

i’m a california girl currently living in chicago for graduate school. between writing papers, conducting research, and attending classes, my days are pretty monotonous.

but at night, i have running.

as somebody who grew up overweight, i never thought i would ever be athletic, let alone be a runner in training for races. but in 2014, i changed all that. i started a couch to 10k program in january and slowly worked my way up in mileage, successfully finishing the dumbo double dare challenge at disneyland at the end of august.

i’m still a newbie, so i’m constantly learning, and that’s what this blog is for. here, you’ll find records of the miles i’ve logged, details of my latest accomplishments, my trial and error with different products, race recaps, and questions about how to become the best runner i can be. feel free to follow me along on this journey.