30 before 30.

i have until august 21, 2020 to finish the thirty items on this list! wish me luck!

1.) earn PhD

2.) see a baseball game at fenway park

3.) learn to drive stick shift

4.) take a pole dancing class

5.) see the starry night in person (recap)

6.) make a carrot cake from scratch

7.) read “the 10 greatest books of all time”

8.) go ice skating on an outdoor rink

9.) get CPR certified (recap)

10.) learn to do a cartwheel

11.) go to disney world

12.) kiss under mistletoe

13.) be able to do the splits

14.) complete a triathlon (recap)

15.) pay off student loans

16.) go to the snow to ski or snowboard

17.) send out a christmas card

18.) finish a marathon (recap)

19.) go skydiving

20.) eat at a michelin rated restaurant

21.) visit new orleans for mardi gras

22.) go an entire weekend without electronics

23.) volunteer at an animal shelter

24.) buy (and drink!) a bottle of dom pérignon

25.) complete an obstacle course race

26.) travel to italy

27.) knit something wearable

28.) go on a cruise

29.) complete five, consecutive pull-ups

30.) do something totally out of my comfort zone